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What I actually wore #0010

Date: 30/10/2008
Weather: 30°, windy
Time Allowed: 5 minutes

When I was little I had a favourite blue dress that I loved chiefly for its sleeves: when I lifted my arms they arced like wings, so I called it my angel dress. Perhaps that childhood nostalgia attracted me to this pretty top with its intricate folds like origami.

I call them angel sleeves but they are sheer hell to iron!

This outfit began with the top, and I decided the soft grey needed to be teamed with something equally dulcet, and settled on an old standby, my very old Obüs skirt (the second to appear in this journal). The wonkily-shirred ‘underskirt’ of cotton voile I don’t even attempt to iron.

I pulled everything in with a leather obi – a nice cultural tie to the origami sleeves of the top.


Skirt: Obüs
Top: Veronika Maine
Obi: Witchery
Shoes: Paolo Bondini
Earrings: handmade by myself (SS and FWP)
Headband: Lady Jayne


The bee's knees

Gingersnaps and I have two things in common. They are not our age (a vast chasm of years yawns between us), nor our figures (she’s a slip of a thing … I pack a mean punch). What we do share is similar colouring. Although she is fairer than me, the same colours suit us. And we both love yellow. Therefore, I was pleased when she declared she would wear it for our shoot.

Some people are afraid of yellow. I am not sure why: I have never heard of a colour mugging you in the street and stealing your shoes.

Be that as it may, I was doubly thrilled when I heard the yellow garment would come striped. “It makes me think of a bee,” Gingersnaps told me the day before our proposed shoot.

As this bright young thing was preparing to imminently dazzle Europe with her smile, I found it hard to pin her down to answer some questions, but finally managed it on the eve of her departure.

How would you describe your style, Gingersnaps?

Casual with a bit of rock n roll and a touch of feminine.

Gingersnaps does like her indigo skinny jeans; another work colleague was pleased that I had managed to get her out of them and into a skirt on a Friday.

Being a Melbourne girl, I’m sure the weather forecast had some bearing on what you chose to wear.

Yes, it was a weird Melbourne day, warm in the morning but cold in the afternoon. I knew it wouldn’t be freezing so I went with bare legs.

How long did it take you to pull this outfit together? Did it start with anything in particular?

Hmmm, about ten minutes! I had already considered my options; I definitely knew I wanted to wear yellow. I also have a gorgeous yellow scarf that I often wear, but yes, my stripey top is my current fave. It’s been a while since I’ve had splashes of colour in my wardrobe, so something bright is a nice change.

I love hearing a Melburnian say that! Where did you find that little gem?

I bought it recently in a shop in Apollo Bay. I was wandering around with some girlfriends and we slipped into this little clothes shop. Despite being on a strict budget, (the Europe trip, as you know) I bought the top. I really want more yellow things, so when I find the right shade it becomes a bit of a must.

And the cute pinafore?
The pini is from Frauhaus, I used to manage the store. The label is an offshoot of Lush, but Frauhaus clothes are always a bit more quirky. I think it has a real Fitzroy thing which I love, because I’ve lived and worked around there for so many years.

I like both labels, too. I must say I absolutely loved your shoes the first time I saw you wear them. Tell me about those.

I actually bought them to traipse around Europe in, but there is no way you can do a lot of walking (and still be comfortable) in those heels! They are utterly impractical but I love ankle boots. I spotted them in Giallo when they were full price and nearly died but couldn’t afford them. At sale time they were still there and I couldn’t say no!

Don’t you love it when that happens? Well, thanks for your time Gingersnaps. I look forward to admiring the several pairs of shoes I’m sure you’ll snaffle in Italy!


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