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What I Actually Wore #0002

Serial #: 0002
Date: 26/09/2008
Weather: windy, 25°C
Time Allowed: 5 mins

This was an easy outfit to put together, and very much more my style: minimalist and asymmetrical!

It started with the top, which is a tomato red colour. I love the folded details on the neckline and the way it flares out slightly at the waist. It also has hidden square pockets in the front. I adore this signature look of Veronika Maine in the last few seasons, more sophisticated than Cue. I hope they don’t drastically change direction!

This skirt by Obüs must be six or seven years old, and although it is starting to show its age, I love it still. I bought it from Alice Euphemia when the boutique was quite new, in its original location on Flinders Lane. At the time I purchased another skirt from the same range, heavy cream fabric with a shirred insert at the bottom. I also wear that frequently. At $150 each, they were both half price, which was nonetheless a little expensive for me at the time, but I’ve certainly got my money’s worth! Because they were so original and well-made, I knew I would be wearing them for a long time, so I didn’t feel a twinge of shopper’s guilt.

From different labels, the folds on the top’s neckline and the gathered insert on the skirt nevertheless complement one another.

As for the accessories: the white wedges are patent leather, and were a great find in a Salvos for $10 – I just had to get the soles repaired; the vintage sunglasses were bought on eBay from a Frenchwoman, and the sterling silver hoops feature silver pearls. They match the silver shell of my ring, which looks like a giant bug! A boyfriend bought that for me from the NGV gift shop, and I remember admiring it walking all the way home along the river as the sun caught it and made it gleam.

Here’s a closer look on the sunglasses: the frames are red leopard print, and those lenses really do turn the world rose-coloured! 


Top: Veronika Maine
Skirt: Obüs
Shoes: Scanlan & Theodore
Watch: Kenneth Cole
Earrings: Baku
Sunglasses: vintage

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