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‘Fall on your face in those bad shoes’

Pretty shoes are nice enough in their own way. They have their place. Garden parties. Weddings. Meeting your new boyfriend’s parents for the first time.

But give me killer heels for stomping concrete in the city … fierce shoes to break men’s hearts into little tiny pieces and grind them in the dirt! (Not that I would do that of course.)

But give me killer heels for stomping concrete in the city…

There’s a line in a Pixies song about a woman falling on her face in her bad shoes. I often toyed with various notions on what Black Francis meant exactly.

I think I know now.

They weren’t ugly, or disgracefully worn out; they were high and made for teetering, like my new little beauties above. Fortunately I haven’t planted my face in the sidewalk … yet. 

Tame, from Doolittle by the Pixies

got hips like cinderella
must be having a good shame
talking sweet about nothing
cookie i think you're

i'm making good friends with you
when you're shaking your good frame
fall on your face in those bad shoes
lying there like you're tame

uh huh huh



Scheherazade's slippers

What is that springs immediately to mind when one thinks of shopping in the exotic souqs of the Middle East? Turkish delight? Dates? Filigree lanterns, Oriental carpet? Gold?

For me, it was these slippers: the quintessential souvenir of Arabia.

Of course now that I have strolled through a dozen souqs in Dubai, Sharjah and Oman, I know what will forever evoke colourful memories: the eternal cry of – no, not the muezzin, but: “Pashmina, pashmina?”

X was more often subjected to “Watch, sir? Rolex?” Once he thought to baffle one such merchant turning his own question on him. At the next opportunity, he responded, “Pashmina?”

“Yes, yes, we have pashmina!” was the instantaneous reply.

I went off into a peal of laughter that is not often heard in the marketplaces, and we hurriedly moved on, avoiding the disapproving looks.

I know what will forever evoke colourful memories: the eternal cry of … “Pashmina, pashmina?”

As for these slippers I left it until my last night of shopping in the markets to purchase them. In the textile souq of Bur Dubai I pounced on this exact pair. Though I tried on black, and grey, I ultimately returned to the pink – that colour seemed to emphasise their frivolity. (Plus they would contrast nicely when paired with my black and silver belly-dancing outfit, I decided.)

When X pointed out it looked like I had slipped them on the wrong way round, I was amused to learn that they do not come in left and right: they just are. The heel of one is malformed, so it has become the right by default. The sizing also is nominal: I merely found a pair that fit.

I adore them.

As for the pashminas – I did succumb, not once, but twice. But I’ll save their stories for another day.


Not so sole-destroying

Pretty shoes on? Raining? Fear not, Freasy Rain Gear has the solution for you: plastic booties that slip on over your precious Jimmy Choos! Featuring ‘zipped top closure’, ‘heavy guage [sic] vinyl’ and ‘anti-skid soles’, they will take you home in style, safe in the knowledge that your silk-shod feet will not be ruined.

Faced with the dilemma of an unexpected thunderstorm, and clad in delicate turquoise heels, I actually road-tested this product. I am pleased to be able to inform you that they did indeed bring me and my lizard-skin heels home undamaged.

I cannot recall which of my past work colleagues gave me these, or what company was responsible for their precipitate departure from Taiwan’s shores. However, I put them away in my drawer, and saved them for the rainy day when my sartorial courage would be put to the test. Much to the amusement of the office, it was, and I passed with flying colours.

Tragically, a Google search did not come up with any results so that you too could share in this character-building experience. You will have to enjoy them vicariously.

Shoes by Hussy

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