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What I Actually Wore #0083

Serial #: 0083
Date: 13/08/2012
Weather: 17°
Time Allowed: 6 minutes

The Day of the Pompom.

I decided, as I was wearing my new grey knit top with the pompoms today, to wear as many pompoms as possible. How many could I rustle up out of my wardrobe? I was willing to rise to the challenge …

Well, the skirt may not have pompoms attached to it, but it has giant spots that match nicely. Naturally I wore my 1940s pompom headband. The pompoms on it are almost the same size as the ones on the knit. My earrings, reminiscent of pompoms, are handmade by me with Indian beads that are themselves beaded with iridescent blue seed beads. I love those because they dangle so satisfyingly. There is a matching necklace, but this is one case where matching earrings and necklace really would be too much – plus the pompoms on the knit are in the way.

My pearl ring is big and round, and the shoes – although they are pompomless (you can’t have everything, I guess) – are a pretty spectacular cobalt blue suede and patent leather. Work ready.


Top: Sonia Rykiel
Skirt: Anthropologie
Earrings: hand made
Ring: Autore
Shoes: Mollini


What I Actually Wore #0082

Serial #: 0082
Date: 12/08/2012
Weather: 16°
Time Allowed: 8 minutes

These are some of my favourite pants to wear in winter because they are made of wool and are so warm. They are so wide-legged too – it’s like wearing a blanket, and they make me think of guacho pants. I usually don’t wear black with colours, but I think this was a happy exception because a) the jumper is knitted in multi-colour stripes, b) there are pompoms on it, and c) it was new. The wool felt vintage fedora and suede shoes add some shots of colour at my extremities. 

I wore the outfit on a day I was running errands in the city, and amusingly some random African-American guy called out to me in the street in great excitement at my colourful stripes, and thought I must be Mexican because of them! I wasn’t aware that Mexicans held a monopoly on stripes, and enjoyed telling my Mexican friend the story – she laughed and agreed that Mexicans are known for their love of colour (and she is no exception).


Knit: Kookaï
Sonia Rykiel
Pants: Ming
Earrings: Portobello Lane
Ring: Dittoday
Watch: Kenneth Cole
Hat: vintage
Shoes: Wittner


What I Actually Wore #0079

Serial #: 0079
Date: 02/08/2012
Weather: 15°C for C-c-c-cold!
Time Allowed: 12 minutes

It’s a very chilly day in the depths of winter, but with the sudden influx of packages from overseas I am spoilt for choice. I go for bright blocks of colour, starting with my new red skirt by Anthropologie that I bought from an eBay store. I choose accessories that are a complete contrast – both in colour and texture: a white rabbit fur pompom scarf, wool beret and suede boots. It’s a cosy look in unconscious response to the white sky outside.

I don’t think this outfit immediately recalls any particular past era – I certainly wasn’t trying to evoke one, and not a single one of the items is vintage, unless the classic beret which I’ve owned for the better part of two decades classifies as vintage. However, a work colleague admires my retro style and suggests it’s sort of 1950s, sort of après ski, and working really well for me. I’m happy to go along with that!


Top: Maxstudio
Skirt: Girls from Savoy for Anthropologie
Hat: Melbourne boutique
Scarf: souvenir
Stockings: Columbine
Necklace: pendant from Portobello Lane (the Melbourne boutiques have long-since closed down – this France-based online boutique may or may not be allied)
Ring: Etsy
Watch: Kenneth Cole
Boots: Robert Robert


Drumroll Please …

Ta-daaaa! Here they are, pom-poms upon pom-poms upon yet more pom-poms. Round, fluffy, tactile – they are so adorable. Why on earth stop at one? I certainly haven’t here.

I am wearing a vintage 1950s bandeau made with a black satin ribbon and mink pom-poms (vintage is the only way I buy fur) that I purchased on Etsy. My wool felt earrings are a souvenir from Barcelona, and the knit top is by Sonia Rykiel. Pom-tiddly-pom! 


What I Actually Wore #0075

Serial #: 0075
Date: 26/07/2012
Weather: 16°C, cool
Time Allowed: 10 minutes

Last winter I was on a bit of a Ballet Russes kick – that is, I was enjoying mixing up prints and textures and layering my clothes.

The wool cable knit dress needs layering in winter certainly, and that was provided by a fine knit striped tee from Free People with a silk short sleeved vintage 80s shirt on top. Since the shirt was spotty, I thought it would be cute to echo that shape with pompom earrings that I made myself, and my 1940s pompom headband. That accessory always draws stares.

Instead of boring old black opaques, I wear chocolate brown stockings and tower on suede shoes that have patent wedge heels. I love the contrast between the two types of leather. The blue is such a brilliant pop of colour too. When the weather is so dull and dreary there’s no reason to blend into the landscape!


Dress: Far Away From Close for Anthropologie
Tee: Free People
Shirt: Milo’s
Headband: vintage 40s
Earrings: handmade
Rings: (onyx) souvenir (silver) Roun
Watch: Kenneth Cole
Shoes: Mollini

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