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Pompoms A Clear Winner

Stakes Day (yesterday) at Melbourne’s Spring Racing Carnival is traditionally a family day and a more relaxed affair. An Australian fashion magazine in a recent issue (that I have annoyingly misplaced) published a guide for dressing for the four days of the carnival, and suggested a neutral colour palette for Stakes Day.

I suspect most female attendees of the carnival were not paying particular attention to any themes except the obvious black and white for Derby Day, but I thought they were quite good for distinguishing outfits for each day. (Additionally, Cup Day was bold colour, and Oaks Day pretty, feminine details.)

This hat I’m wearing is by Australian label Mimco from a few seasons ago. It has a straw base on a headband, and three raffia pompoms attached; the one you can’t see at the back is lilac coloured. I remember seeing it in-store and falling in love with it – I find pompoms irresistible!

I was thrilled to come across the hat on eBay, purloining it for a mere $30

However, as an owner of copious hats already, the very expensive price tag made me pass on purchasing it. I couldn’t even plead the excuse of attending the races and needing a new, up-to-the-minute hat. Then a couple of years later I was thrilled to come across the hat on eBay, purloining it for a mere $30. It didn’t even look as if it had been worn. (I have <cough-cough> not worn it yet either, as it is an extravagant hat for everyday occasions, but one day…)

Naturally (neutrally?) the raffia begged to be paired with a fun, raffia-like fringed top I bought a little while ago in a thrift store. It’s a light-hearted touch for a family day.

Photo: October 2016


Sporting the Colours

Today is one of Australia’s big sporting days, with the grand finale of the Australian Football League season played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, a sporting venue that is very close to where I live. Thus, even when I don’t attend a game, I can experience the roar of the crowd, albeit at a distance.

I’m a nominal football fan these days, and my team (Essendon) wasn’t playing, so who to nominally support? It was the Western Bulldogs v the Sydney Swans. The choice should be easy after all: a Victorian team (the state in which I live) versus a New South Welsh team. But that would be too obvious. Then there were their mascots: bulldogs and swans; I definitely prefer swans – they are such amusing birds, and I see them every day in the botanic gardens across the road.

there was something of even greater – and more fashionable – interest to me: THE COLOURS.

But there was something of even greater – and more fashionable – interest to me: THE COLOURS. I decided my allegiance would attach to my favourite colour combination. The Doggies, with blue and white and red, and the Swans with simple red and white. Both classic colour combinations; both incorporating stripes of some sort (on jerseys or socks); and both having nautical connections. This would be tricky! Because I adore both, as evidenced already on these pages (click those links above).

In the end, although I didn’t attend the game, and only watched the final quarter on TV, I gallivanted around town in a subtle variant of the Bulldogs’ colours. And in the end, it was the right choice, because the Doggies won the flag after an exciting last quarter, ending a 62-year drought. It’s always nice to be on the winning side if one possibly can.

Fashion Notes

I’m wearing a mix of new and vintage, notably a 1940s red velvet hat, and a 1970s ribbed cardigan.

Photo: Yesterday


A Paean to Pink

By now it must be fairly patent that I have a sneaking fondness for pink … It didn’t used to always be so. I reviled it for a long period during the wishy-washy pastel 80s before I had my pink epiphany in my mid-twenties when I whimsically tried on a candy-pink blouse in a store and discovered how it suited my complexion. So much so that even the shop assistant exclaimed in mutual astonishment with me! That was quite funny.

I’ve since discovered that any super-bright colour suits me. Back then, I used to reach for muted tertiary colours, but now my fingers invariably snatch at any vivid hue. So somehow I have managed to amass a collection of vintage pink hats, and this little quartet is by no means all of them – these are just the ones with veils! (These photos were actually taken exactly four years ago, on August 24, 2012; I’m not quite sure why they have languished in the archives so long – although I do observe now that the veils have an unbecoming flattening effect on my bangs.)

There is a whipped-up confection of pink satin, a 60s hat that I purchased on eBay, from the UK. All the others came from America, and were bought on Etsy. The velvet bandeau with its feather bird is from the 50s, and the whimsical flock of flamingos is also 50s or possibly 60s. I do love birds, so naturally I was attracted to these headpieces.

The marvellous chenille pom-pom veil sweeps up into a bow at the back, and I think that may actually be a relic of the 40s. It is a little more fragile than the others, and the black net feels like it is made from a different fibre. It is dotted delightfully with rows of pink, blue and white chenille pom-poms.

The marvellous chenille pom-pom veil sweeps up into a bow at the back …

The enormous pearl baubles dangling from my ears are 60s clip-ons, and I was quite chuffed to see January Jones wearing the exact same pair in an episode of Mad Men, the one when they went to Rome. The off-white silk blouse is an old favourite, bought new from Australian store Veronika Maine.

So here they are – finally unveiled!

Photos: August 2012


A Final Fling

A week into April, summer has finally ended, and it went out with a spectacular bang. Melbourne treated us to a last burst of sunshine and warm weather (29°!) and I decided that I ought to honour the day suitably.

Yesterday morning I considered my wardrobe, trying to decide which outfit should have a final fling, and I decided on cheerful pistachio and Kelly greens. This Phase Eight skirt and Icons top were bought from different thrift stores and months apart, and although the shades of green were slightly different, I was delighted to find that they both tied with jaunty bows at the back.

… I was delighted to find that they both tied with jaunty bows at the back

The straw hat with its raffia pompom is by Australian label Country Road (I fear they copied a Burberry hat from a season or two ago), and the two-tone woven leather slingbacks are by an unfamiliar French label, Bleu.C; I bought them on eBay a few years ago. I spotted a similar pair on Etsy, albeit in garish lime and orange,which states they are from the 1980s.

Fashion editors love to wax lyrical how flattering monochrome outfits are (elongating the figure), and I particularly like to pair slightly differing hues of a single colour, just to tease the eye. I like that out of these two greens one on the warmer side of the spectrum, and the other on the cooler: I think this is much more interesting than simply wearing lighter and darker variations of the same shade.

And now it’s a farewell to summer, and welcome autumn – and hello lovely autumnal layers!

Photo: Yesterday


Candy Cane Girl

When it comes to red and white, the first thing I think of is peppermint candy canes, so of course this is a combination perfect for Christmas. That’s what the song says, after all: just a hint of peppermint and every single thing begins to feel like Christmas (Point of Grace). And then of course there’s Mr Claus’ traditional outfit.

White is my favourite non-colour. Since there are only two, that’s not saying much, but I love white in combination with other colours, my favourites being blue, hunter green, as well as scarlet. (I actually also like black more when it is paired with white.) Nor does the ratio of white to red matter – you can wear a lot of white with small accents of red, or the reverse. It always looks striking.

I also have a particular liking for red embroidery on white. Many years ago, I saw a beautiful white scarf, thickly embroidered with red, in the National Gallery of Victoria’s shop. It was very expensive, so I reluctantly put it down, but to this day it remains one of those purchases I regret not having made. I’ve searched high and low, on and offline since, but never seen anything remotely like it.

On one such search on Etsy, I came across this white silk peasant blouse with red embroidery around the yoke and on the cuffs. It is vintage 40s, and quite delicate, so I don’t wear it often. It’s also tiny – I have quite little wrists, but I can’t do up those cuffs!

Many of these other clothes are vintage too. The white wool jumper (sweater) beaded and sequinned all over is 50s. It has adorable beaded pompoms dangling from the hem, although a couple are missing; this was another Etsy purchase that I snapped up in a hurry (having learnt my lesson). Also 1950s: two different rabbit fur bandeaus, one of them with pompoms (irresistible!), while the red sailor hat is 1940s.

The other clothes are contemporary pieces: notably, the red cable knit dress is by Anthropologie, the white skirt by Witchery and the glittery red heels by Wittner.

I haven’t yet decided what to wear on Christmas Day, but I have worn white and red before. Perhaps this year I could reverse the proportions? It’s a delicious possibility.

Photos: July 2013