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Sparkly Shoes Make Everyone Happy

Dorothy Shoes On Sale! :: Watts // Big Up // No flashEeeeek! Look what I received in my inbox the day before yesterday! Wittner has introduced ‘Heel Steals’ – short-term sales on particular styles. Although I did not pay FULL price (club members receive discounts), I was quite chagrined to see my self-styled Dorothy ‘Jittery’ shoes slashed to $39.

However, as Cupcake, a work colleague, pointed out wisely, I have had them since December, and have many cherished moments of wear already. Hmm, I wore them on Christmas Day in the wrong size and had to take them off after an hour or two; they gave me such blisters on my toes on my birthday so I couldn’t dance a teensy bit … On the other hand, they give such delight to everyone else who sees them on my feet that pinched toes are consigned to the periphery.

…  they give such delight to everyone else who sees them on my feet that pinched toes are consigned to the periphery.

Plus, my friend Amy was so excited to hear of the discount she immediately joined the club expressly to purchase the silver pair. Now, sparkly shoes that bring so much happiness can’t be bad, right? Especially on sale.

Silver Heels for Amy :: Watts // Big Up // No flash


Princess Finds Lump of Coal in Stocking!

Dorothy Shoes: Side Elevation :: Watts // Big Up // No flashCan you believe it? I almost literally found a lump of coal in my stocking on Christmas morning. Everything was arranged and I was ready to go: the last item on the agenda was to put on my new glittery red Dorothy shoes.

I crammed my right foot in … and in one of those earth-shattering filmic moments was pulled up short. Something was not right. Had I switched places overnight with Cinderella’s sister? I was disbelieving for a moment and turned the shoe over. It was in fact the wrong size.

I turned the left over. It was also the wrong size.

Impotent rage seethed within me. On Thursday I had tried on my usual size, but found the shoes were a little short in length for me, and I asked the salesgirl for the next size up. She obliged, and asked me if they were better. “Much better,” I told her happily.

She returned a few minutes later and asked automatically, “Are you going to think about it?”

“No, I’m going to take them.”

She seemed surprised. Perhaps her usual clientele were not usually so decisive. But: Red. Glitter. Dorothy. Magic could happen in those shoes. How could I possibly say no?

Dorothy Shoes: Rear View :: Watts // BIg Up // No flash

Magic could happen in those shoes. How could I possibly say no? … Magic did happen. Black magic. 

Magic did happen. Black magic. That witch masquerading as my fairy godmother (to mix fairytales) pulled a switcheroo, and sold me the smaller shoes.

I wore them anyway, and beamed at the railway turnstile attendant’s grandiose compliments as I bravely hobbled through. Later on I accepted my family’s compliments through gritted teeth, and a couple of hours later the shoes were off. Fortunately I had taken a spare pair of shoes with me to travel home in.

The next day I cleaned up the shoes (not a mark on them) and promptly swapped the evil twins for a good pair. The moral of the tale: it’s Christmas, so don’t be naughty, be nice – at least until the salesgirl gives you the right pair of shoes. Then you can whack her upside the head with the wrong ones … what?


What I Actually Wore #0050

Serial #: 0050
Date: 19/11/2010
Weather: 20° day, mild evening
Time Allowed: 3 minutes to decide

On the rare occasions when I do wear black I more often than not pair it with white or grey. So it was this mild spring evening as I dressed for the theatre.

The outfit began with the thickly sequinned sleeveless top I had found in the West End Vinnies on my recent trip to Brisbane. The sequins make me think of the shiny scales of a fish, and the pleated silk chiffon trim feathers of some bird – the combination makes a mythic creature of legend. The top is so outrageous I paired it with a sober (albeit leather) black pencil skirt.

A vintage white velvet jacket, black ponyskin heels, a shiny box purse stamped with a crocodile pattern, silver bauble earrings and bracelet, and my silver lip South Sea pearl and white gold ring completed my toilette.

Jaws drop over sequinned top. Night turns cool. My girlfriends and I eat a delicious dinner at the Malthouse (wahu and salmon salad for me). We sit next to three enthusiastic Russians and see Life Without Me at the Sumner Theatre.


Top: Vinnies
Skirt: Kenneth Cole
Jacket: vintage Stephen Dattner
Earrings: handmade
Bracelet: eBay
Ring: Autore
Watch: Kenneth Cole
Bag: Aldo
Shoes: Diana Ferrari


Spicing Up Winter

Ugh. So I’ve been back three weeks. Jetlag hit me this time like it never did before. I was exhausted, but I still had to drag myself to the theatre three freezing days a week to perform the duties of my part-time job. I work from home the other days, and these last weeks have been crazily busy. Hence my slackness and reprehensible neglect of SNAP.

Anyway, at least I found some very comfortable shoes to walk in through the frosty Botanic Gardens each morning. I found them in my closet that is. I bought them last summer, secondhand for $12; put them away, and forgot all about them.

I remember I was uncertain about buying them – as cute as a button as they are with their T-strap and nutmeg-coloured suede – I was put off by the then sticky heat of summer. But I had a strong suspicion come the colder months I would be glad of them. I was right.

And now I’m back on SNAP too, hooray!


Hearts and Ladders

Hearts, as a motif in fashion, is something that I am generally very much disinterested in. Although I suspected they were not very high-quality and would snag easily, these flocked stockings by Sportsgirl were somehow just too cute to pass by. If they had been opaque stockings, that would have given them the instant kibosh. But the hearts were so little, the effect would create tiny-polka-dotty legs.

The store had a whole range of these tattoo stockings: the classic pair of swallows was another design I liked. Instead I purchased a pair of Belle-Époque style net stockings.

Just as well I photographed the polka-dotted hearts before I wore them out: they didn’t last an hour! By the time I was sitting down at work I discovered a ladder travelling down my left leg. By lunchtime three more had sprouted. I was very cross – heart-broken, even. And by the time I entered the change rooms at my tae kwon do club that evening, my legs were riddled with ladders. My chic French friend took some delight in pointing out this lamentable fact.

I haven’t dared to open the other packet yet.