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What I actually wore #0030

Serial #: 0030
Date: 29/08/2009
Weather: a top temperature of 15.5°C during the day;
FREEZING at night
Time Allowed: 10 minutes

A Saturday night in the middle of winter, a movie with the boys.

I didn’t feel like going ultra casual despite the cool temperature, and picked out a black leather pencil skirt that I had not yet got round to wearing. The semi-transparent knit top I chose to wear with it is vintage 70s; I love the blouse sleeves and their little ties at the wrist.

…that bag is loud and brash like
the 80s, and I love it!

Just so I wouldn’t be wearing all black, I stepped into a pair of patent taupe heels and carried a new metallic bag that I’d picked up at the Salvos for $10. It is embossed with a reptile skin texture; studded; and you just can’t miss those enormous bronze coloured crystals. Combined with the gold chain, that bag is loud and brash like the 80s, and I love it!

But it was winter, and for the life of me I can’t remember wearing a jacket. I do recall dashing across the street just to warm up – daring enough of me in those heels! – so I fear I was silly enough to go out without a cover-up. Did I not learn from all those years living with my mother? “You aren’t going out like that! You’ll freeze!” Indeed.


Top: vintage
Skirt: Kenneth Cole
Jewellery: Roun
Watch: Kenneth Cole
Bag: No label
Shoes: Zoe Wittner



After my recent post on clothes as sculpture, I was inspired to put together some of my favourite pieces of clothing, all with quite different textures. I love wearing white in winter. The old decree of ‘wearing no white after Labour Day’ that I have often read about in American fashion magazines seems bizarrely restrictive. There are several theories of its origin, but for most people, obeying that law is no longer in fashion.

So from the top, some of my favourites, old and new:

  1. A hand-embroidered scarf bought on my recent trip to Vietnam really is a summer piece, but apparently I could get away with it if I was a winter bride and wore it as a veil.
  2. This vintage white leather pencil skirt was unearthed at the Salvos and is alarmingly tight at the waist.
  3. An amusing skirt by Marty Samuels looks and feels like it is made from crumpled paper. The actual construction is 42% polyethyle, 25% cotton, 22% polyurethane, 11% polyester – meaning I’d probably go up in flames if I stood too close to a heater, so best I leave this narrow, ankle-length skirt for summer also. (It fastens with snap buttons, a sure risk of wardrobe malfunction if I sit down too violently!)
  4. Truly perfect for winter, this scarf is formed by four rows of fur pom-poms, very soft and warm.

Hmm, one out of four. Maybe there is something to that rule after all…


What I Actually Wore #0011

Serial #: 0011
Date: 01/11/2008
Weather: balmy evening that turned quite chilly
Time Allowed: unknown; decisions on the fly

A hen’s night out with a gaggle of girls ten years younger than me! A touch of children’s storybook in my outfit! Gadzooks! What should I wear?

A trumpet skirt in caramel leather; a silver lurex wrap top for a little sparkle; black patent heels with a 20s feel. I would have loved to wear my new lurex over-the-knee socks, but not with a matching top. I settle for vintage diamante earrings and bracelet instead, and silver sparkle eye-shadow that also dusted my cheeks as I dashed it on.

When the night turned cooler, I was glad I had brought my velvet jacket – on its first outing after hanging in my closet for more than a year. With a red leather clutch tucked under my arm, I was good to go.

And my touch of fairytale? … It’s the rose Beauty’s father stole from the Beast.

And my touch of fairytale? Well, I was going to carry a parasol in homage to Mary Poppins, but I didn’t want to be saddled with it all night. I am delighted instead to wear a leather choker from Fat; a former boyfriend had always hated it and complained if I pulled it out. It’s the rose Beauty’s father stole from the Beast.

To cap off the night we were all tickled at the sight of so many young lads drawn like bees to the honeypot, clustering around the bride-to-be!

Skirt: Saray
Top: Country Road
Jacket: Katherine
Shoes: Zoe Wittner Design
Bag: Valenti
Choker: Collins & Cerne of Melbourne
Earrings: vintage
Bracelet: vintage

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