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Neck Lace

It sounds incredibly girly for someone who professes herself to be so not a princess, but I really love lace, and pearls. Usually not together (but I couldn’t promise that one day I might not confound all expectations and wear them together after all).

This necklace, in altogether a different way, combines both pearls and lace: the artificial pearls have been tatted to create a lace-like pattern. Tatting is actually a technique for handcrafting a very durable type of lace, in which thread is looped and knotted in a pattern of rings and chains. It is often used as trim or edging on garments and household linen. This vintage 1950s pearl choker literally is neck lace!

There are lots of lovely versions to be found on Etsy – search ‘pearl collar necklace’ for the best versions, and you will also see an array of vintage Peter Pan style collar necklaces that are very much in vogue at the moment. 


Sun Protection Factor: Variable

Sunscreen :: Wonder // GS-0 // No flash

Here is my very own Battenberg lace umbrella that I purchased new in the mid-90s. I remember carrying it on the beach in Queensland while wearing a cream Fortuny-pleated top and matching wide-legged pants. I had a 20s style bob then too. No-one ever carried a parasol then, even in Queensland where it’s hot nearly all the time. I was stared at a lot that holiday.

Now it’s quite a common sight, even down in Melbourne where the weather is quite variable (four seasons in one day). Just like the SPF of this holey parasol. I’ve even gone out in the morning with this parasol, and come home in the evening wishing it a bona fide umbrella as the weather had turned to rain.

As for that Queensland holiday, I am pretty certain that somewhere there is a photo of me in just that outfit – look out for it in the next few days.

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I wasn’t quite lazing about in my underwear today, but I have been burning the candle at both ends lately, and exhaustion finally caught up with me. I spent a lot of time simply resting – the cloudy and rainy day encouraged this aberrant behaviour too. So this fashion editorial seems particularly appropriate today. The lingerie is pretty and the gentle light is soothing. Righto, I’m off to bed now. Good night!

Photos by Christian Ketteger for British Vogue. Click on images for larger versions.


What I Actually Wore #0067

Serial #: 0067
Date: 26/05/2012
Weather: 16°
Time Allowed: 15 minutes

On one of the last days of autumn I was going to a matinee at the theatre. A cold day on the cusp of winter required the wearing of a Super-Jumper, but apart from weather considerations, this outfit was all about The Boots.

I love these Jeffrey Campbell boots, bought online from Free People. But these boots are most definitely not made for walking. Not long distances over demanding cobbles at least. I drooled over them for quite a long time, but dithered over buying them and they ran out of stock. By chance (one day while I was admiring my FP wish list) I discovered they were back in stock, and I snapped them up immediately. 

The suede is very soft, and I love the slouchy aspect. And, surprisingly with such enormous wooden platforms, they are well-balanced and not too difficult to walk in. However, they do demand to be worn with a short skirt. Very short skirts are in short supply in my closet, and this dove grey linen skirt by Country Road was the only one that worked. (It’s since been donated to the charity shop however, as it was too big for me.)

The patterned tights are a particular winter favourite (although I don’t recall who they’re by), and my other accessories include a wooden bangle bought in a market in Vietnam, a white agate bangle bought in Barcelona, and a pair of Indian wooden cross earrings bought in an ethnic boutique down the street where I live.


Jumper: Mango
Skirt: Country Road
Jewellery: silver ring (Roun), black onyx ring (souvenir), wooden earrings (local boutique)
Watch: Kenneth Cole
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell, exclusive to Free People


The Case of Bell vs. Pill

Background image: watercolour by Sonia Delaunay

While clearing out my closet in the past weeks, I came across this curious little hat in a hatbox full of hats I cordially dislike. For years I have kept them because they are interesting or strange. It was time to decide on their fate, and also photograph them for posterity (thereby freeing me of the guilt of casting them off like an old shoe).

I originally purchased this particular cream hat because it was somewhat reminiscent of the 1920s with its close-fitting bell-like shape. (Cloche means bell in French.) However, it was extremely tight-fitting, and I only wore it on one or two occasions. I had a strong suspicion that it was in fact not a 20s repro, but a 1960s pillbox, and it was meant to perch on top of the head – or ought perhaps be stuffed with a beehive. 

Background image: 1960s wallpaper

The 1960s are my least favourite fashion era …

The 1960s are my least favourite fashion era. In particular I dislike most 60s hats. Shapes in fashion besides the aforementioned cloche and pillbox include bubble toques, knitted skull caps, berets, newsboy caps, floppy wide-brimmed hats and long scarves that were wrapped and tied around the head. I admit to two berets and one newsboy cap (which I don’t really like much actually – I feel like a train-driver wearing it) and one or two others, but pillboxes are loathsome.

In this case of bell vs. pill, Princess Tatiana rules in favour of bell. Although the hat is still too small and unflatteringly helmet-like, so it will be sentenced to a week of community service on eBay. Case closed.

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