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Here we are at last – the end of the year. I’d like to say it’s been a blast, but I confess, I won’t shed a tear to see its close, though it seems it’s flashed by so fast. It’s had its joys, and it’s woes, but the time to sing auld lang syne is drawing near.

So I shall say farewell in style, with firecrackers in my ears – a burst of diamonds and a shower of gold to celebrate the year of old—happy New Year, dears!


The Truth About Boxing Day

Apparently, on the second day of Christmas, in Great Britain lords and ladies historically gifted servants and tradespeople boxes of Christmas goodies. Apparently. But I believe this is a hoax; a world-wide cover-up for the real truth. It is in fact a global holiday recognising the enormously enjoyable sport of boxing.

I haven’t done any boxing for a few years, and I miss it. So today in homage I give you my sterling silver boxing glove charms that swing right! and hook left! from my charm necklace. Aren’t they pretty?

I think I feel a New Year’s resolution coming up(per cutting) …


Candy Cane Christmas

Yes, this is the actual jewellery I wore today at Christmas lunch with my family. Isn’t it wonderful? More Christmassy jewellery you could not wish for.

I bought these both from thrift stores: the necklace came from a Vinnies op shop in Geelong when I was visiting my cousin in October; she didn’t like it because it was too Christmassy and reminded her of candy canes – I retorted that was exactly why I loved it. I also love red and white together in general.

The candy cane earrings I found a week or two after that, in an Animal Aid op shop – rather amusingly after a trip to the dentist. The necklace is vintage I think, though I’m not sure on the age of either it, or the earrings. They were both greatly admired today anyway.

I hope you all have a wonderful day with your loved ones. I wish you all peace and joy this Christmas season.


In the Nick of Time!

Eeek! Princess Tatiana’s back – just in the nick of time (somewhat like the revered Saint Nick) – with Christmas Eve greetings! I have been taking an inadvertently long hiatus from SNAP, but that doesn’t mean I’ve been taking a holiday from collecting stories to tell, and snapping up vintage bargains along the way.

I’ve decided I shall celebrate this season with a selection of vintage, new and hand-made earrings – because we’re looking forward to ringing in the New Year after all, and because I haven’t had enough time to take some proper photos.

I wore this pair of diamanté (or rhinestone, if you prefer) earrings today to do my marketing for the dishes I’ll be taking to my family’s Christmas lunch tomorrow. They swing jauntily and put one in a festive spirit.

I hope you have all been enjoying your Christmas Eve, and that you have been very, very good this year, for there’s less than an hour to go before Saint Nick starts making his deliveries. But don’t forget, if you do get a lump of coal in your Christmas stocking, it’s almost like getting a diamond … if you add a few thousand years plus a bit of heat and compression and whatnot!


Good Enough to Eat

What are these delicious little trifles – bonbons or sweet treats for ears? These are the kind of earrings to keep far, far away from infants because they do look good enough to eat!

The green ovals I call my peppermint patty earrings – they look just like they are wrapped in green foil like the classic chocolate bars. The sparkly blue pair is imitation druzy, but they sparkle almost as much as real ones would, and the purple pearls are like grapes dangling from my ears.

All of the earrings were bought in thrift stores, and happened to be sitting together on my bathroom bench because I had worn the green and blue pairs in the last couple of days, while the pearls I only bought yesterday. They make a great colour combination, don’t they?

Photo: Today

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