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Sheer Amusement

Once upon a time it was considered totally apropos to wear sheer pantyhose with sandals. Here is the evidence: vintage 80s Holeproof Sheer Tops with sheer toes. Clearly, however, the original owner of this pair spotted in a thrift store thought better of donning them.

I have kicked about this sartorial dilemma previously: what kind of foot covering ought to be worn with open-toed shoes? Obvious socks and hosiery seem to work better because they become part and parcel of an entire look, whereas sheer hosiery pretending to be naked skin just looks wrong, with or without the seam in the toe. With so many other options (other types of tights, or, at a pinch, a closed shoe) its unseemly not to toe the line.


Instructions on the Proper Usage of Hosiery with Peeptoes

Fun texture of winter cable knit contrasts with suede heels. Verdict: cute! This past autumn, my friend Audrey and I held an important summit on a controversial topic: Is it sartorially forgivable to wear hosiery with peeptoe shoes?

It was Audrey who brought up the subject, for she had observed my breaking of this hitherto unpardonable sin. After a serious and in-depth discussion we brokered three rules:

  1. under no circumstances are beige pantyhose to be worn with open-toed footwear
  2. seams along the toes must be invisible to the naked eye
  3. toeless stockings are an abomination and not to be considered for a moment

Beige pantyhose. Visible seams. Verdict: vile! Within this framework, we decided, it ought to be possible to don fun and attractive legwear with peeptoes and thus expand one’s footwear wardrobe over the cooler months. This includes lace socks, over-the-knee socks and tights of all persuasions. The jury is still out on fishnets, although the larger the net, the less likely they will work with open-toed shoes – how silly would toes look poking out of the holes?

I have since discovered, in the 1970s, the incumbent fashion editor of Australian Vogue was apparently a proponent of beige pantyhose worn with open-toed sandals. This is an atrocity. (It also probably means it will soon be back in favour, probably beginning with hipsters.)


Does anyone in fact still wear beige pantyhose in this day and age? In my view, the only acceptable beige hosiery is between 10–15 denier, so sheer as to be almost invisible, or the tattoo stockings that are currently in vogue.

Scroll down for additional pictorial examples of shocking no-nos and stocking yes-yeses. 

Right sock, wrong place. Visible seams make this verdict: vile. Cream lace socks with scalloped tops look pretty with T-bar peeptoes. Verdict: cute! Go all the way with bright colour contrast: sky blue with raspberry red. Verdict: cute!


Over The Top

I’ve been waxing lyrical over socks recently, namely all these over-the-knee socks I purchased online in recent weeks. And here they are! Aren’t they lovely?

The merino wool striped pair are from Free People, and all the others were bought from Asos. I made sure to buy socks that were, if not 100% (allowing for Lycra for a better fit and non-saggingness), mostly made from natural fibres – from cotton, wool and angora.

I am excitedly awaiting autumn so that I can wear them, but with the seemingly endless heatwave in Melbourne it looks like those days are still a long way off.


Dangers Underfoot

Yes, More on Socks

Since I have started wearing socks again I have become aware of a fashion hazard that has hitherto escaped my notice. Not entirely, I hasten to add, for I have long worn black opaque trouser socks under trousers. It’s just that then I didn’t care, because trouser socks are in the main worn only for warmth and are completely hidden by said trousers and winter boots. But now that I have graduated to attractive socks that I want to show off, I have become aware of dangers lying (ahem) underfoot.

What? What could it be? you wonder. Here it is: HEEL RUB.

I can’t be the only one who’s noticed it surely?

You know after you’ve worn a pair of socks a few times you notice that you’ve accidentally worn them every which way, so your heels have rubbed both sides of the sock? What an unsightly appearance they present in shoes with low vamps. Impossible to venture out in public like that. Your socks and your sartorial reputation both in tatters in one fell swoop.

Your socks and your sartorial reputation both in tatters in one fell swoop.

Sure it’s easy to tell which is the right way to pull them on … AFTER THEY’RE RUINED. I remember in the old days they used to sew a little tab or contrasting stitch on the backs of pantyhose so you could tell back from front. They need to do that with socks. And in the glory days there was this thing called a SEAM.

I’ve just recently bought a number of lovely cotton and woollen over-the-knee socks on ASOS and happily these are real socks, with proper fitted heels and toes – some of them even have contrasting colours. No mistakes with those.

But what of the seamless knitted socks like the polka-dotted and transparent frilly ones I am wearing in the picture above? I may have to obsessively resort to sewing on some invisible-to-the-naked-eye identifying mark myself as a preventative measure.

But I’ve just thought of something else even more horrifying … HOLES.

Darn it! Once, every salty young woman knew how to mend those. Holey-moley, another new-old skill to learn. 


Happy Feet

Stripey Merino Socks :: Foxy // Sugar // No flash

I dislike full-length hosiery. I much prefer to wear stay-ups, thigh-highs, over-the-knees, stockings, wachamacallums. But they have to be interesting – I get bored with the stock-standard black that Melbourne stores seem to be chockful of every winter. Last winter caught me unawares, and I was forced to wear the despised tights just to don something colourful.

In preparation for autumn/winter 2013 I started hunting early. End of season is a good time to shop internationally online, because there are all sorts of bargains to be had a season ahead for those of us living in the southern hemisphere.

Late last year I found these gorgeously soft merino wool over-the-knee socks at Free People and snapped them up immediately. At $28 they were a steal. This kind of sock would cost much more retail in Melbourne stores – double at least. Summer started late last year so I actually have worn them out already, and they were much admired. The blue and purple pair I am wearing in the previous post I bought in Lisbon last year for only €11.

Then just yesterday I had another look on Asos and found many more cotton and wool socks on sale, some as low as $6. I bought more. Lots more. My parcel has already been despatched. I am now very excited for autumn, and there’s still one month of summer to go!