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Beau Ideal

I have a volatile relationship with bows. At the moment, I am still deep in the throes of minimalism, so I am feeling dubious of anything too decorative and frivolous. Practical bows are currently acceptable, but froufrou bows are eyed with suspicion. Therefore, my own ideal bow is hand-tied, with a free-form, imperfect shape.

Last year when I did my big wardrobe clean-out, my criteria for culling was: “if it can be described as ‘cute’, or ‘girly’—it’s out.” A lot of things with bows (even innocent small ones) were ruthlessly tossed aside like old shoes (those went out too; the ones with bows were first against the wall).

The sleeves are silk chiffon, puffed, and finished with a bow. You can’t get any more horribly girly than that!

The black tee by Bettina Liano was one such victim. The sleeves are silk chiffon, puffed, and finished with a bow. You can’t get any more horribly girly than that! But then recently, while I was searching in my storage room for something to complete a costume piece, I came across the very same tee and something unaccountable happened: my heart softened towards it. I brought it upstairs and back into my closet! (Weak.)

The candy pink hat is vintage 70s, and it survived the cull (bows on hats are okay), as did the antique periwinkle silk chiffon bow pinned to my white blouse. I purchased that on Etsy, and although I won’t wear it at the moment, it is too pretty to be cast aside. It is in a favourite shade of blue too. But who knows—I rescued the black tee, so anything could happen!

Photos: March/April 2014

This tearsheet is from British Vogue from the last year or two. I’d now deem all those items too twee for me!


Did Aristocrats Eat Krispy Kremes?

Last year I did a short course in basic ceramics. I made the obligatory pots and bowls and plates, but I was more interested in my own agenda than the teacher’s. I planned to make some ceramic sculptures and jewellery pieces.

The sculptures were lifesize models of original glaze Krispy Kreme donuts. They turned out better than I hoped – and look good enough to eat (if you weren’t afraid of breaking your tooth on them).

The jewellery pieces consist of pendants and random earring dangles embossed with guipure lace patterns. Some are glazed green, some blue. The bow pendant above was almost an afterthought. Made from bisque clay, it is finished with a clear glaze, and slightly rough around the edges owing to my haste in modelling it at the end of a session.

I do like it however, suspended on a black velvet ribbon that is itself finished with a bow. The ribbon motif makes me think eighteenth century jewellery; its creamy richness of the fair skin of those voluptuous beauties who would have worn them. Those aristocrats were plump from indolence though, not Krispy Kremes.

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