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A Twenties Cameo

Celebrating the Roaring Twenties in a Special Series

I was very excited the week before last to have my hair expertly cut again by the fabulous Alex at Lady Marmalade. Although I still wanted to keep some form of a bob, we both agreed it was time for a change. After some discussion we decided this time to cut the back quite short and keep the front longer – the opposite of my last two cuts, which Alex told me was a concave bob. (So I guess this might be a convex bob?)

I love how short it is! Yet it is still feminine. I really feel like a boy head now though with my neck utterly bared. I made a little complaint about frigid winter temperatures, and Alex (with a suspicious amount of glee in his tone) unsympathetically told me to buy a scarf.

He also suggested for a change I could style it with some texture, blowing upwards with the hair dryer to achieve a tousled look à la Audrey Tatou in Amelie. This turns out to be fabulously easy – much more than achieving a sleek flat style (why is this almost impossible to achieve at home?) – and negates the effect of the mischievous wind on my way to work of a morning. (I’ll leave this picture for another time.)

The same night of my haircut I had also been shopping in jewellery boutique Lovisa, and had almost literally pounced on this diamante cat ear headband. It was too darling to resist. I wore it to the theatre two evenings later and caused a sensation – very much in keeping with the Twenties, I feel, and ssssuits my new do purrrfectly! 


Replicating Rachael

I always loved that scene in Blade Runner when Deckard scans the photograph and enlarges and enlarges to find one of the replicants reflected in a mirror. Here’s my attempt in my tiny bathroom.Before I cut off my hair last October, I decided to do a few dress-ups that required long hair. As I had also recently acquired a 70s-does-40s black crepe dress (complete with rhinestone brooch on the left shoulder), the time was ripe for a little homage to Sean Young’s Rachael in Blade Runner.

Tools for becoming RachaelSuch a tease …The first thing to do was tease my hair, which is always a difficult task because my hair is fine and soft and tends to flop pretty quickly. I don’t know – maybe I’m just not hard-core enough with my teasing and hairspray. I always shudder at doing such violence to my hair, and the thought of combing it out afterwards makes me chicken out from going all the way. I created some rather modest ‘boofs’ (that’s Aussie slang for big hair): big puffs on either side of my centre parting.

An important step in the nail polish drying process: running waterRed nail polish was required (Revlon Fire & Ice); a dunk under cold running water speeds up the drying process. The super-fun part of the makeup process was using my Majic instant eye shadow, which reminds me of that scene in The Fifth Element where Milla Jovovich uses a Chanel product to instantly apply some pretty cool eye makeup. Lots of black smudgy eyeliner and some browny-pink lipstick with some gloss over the top finished the look.

Channelling Rachel via Leeloo with Majic instant eye shadowSmudge that eyeliner, roll back that hairI don’t own any enormous-shouldered jackets similar to Rachael’s sharp jacket – I eschew shoulder pads almost entirely – except for a fitted jacket from the early 90s by old label Blasé, which is also secondhand. A rolled-up piece of office paper simulates Rachael’s cigarette. But the most important part is replicating Rachael’s defiant, dead-eyed stare just before Deckard cross-examines her.

The thing that always amused me in the film is when Rachael takes down her perfectly coiffed, smooth hair in Deckard’s apartment, and suddenly it’s corkscrew curly! How does she do that? Is it a replicant thing – they can curl their hair at will? Because – barring having a hairdresser on hand at all times – that would be a handy skill to have. 

Princess Tatiana à la Rachael


Polka Face

Since my recent experiment with black feather eyelashes, I have fallen in love with falsies. I am usually too lazy or too hurried to put on eye makeup, but these little darlings have changed my mind. So fun! So cute! And now I have polka-dot feathers to dance with too. 


Choppity-Chop (Part 2)

Celebrating the Roaring Twenties in a Special Series

Ta-da! Here it is! The new, bobbed and banged me. What do you think of my homage to Louise Brooks? It’s a little longer than hers, and I haven’t managed to flatten the shape as well as my hairdresser did (no surprises there – I need some sort of new flattening product) but I am thrilled to have short hair again.

It feels so good – nor more running my hands through my hair endlessly, trying to ease out knots.

I had it expertly cut by Alex at Lady Marmalade in Prahran, Melbourne – with thanks to Virginie for a great blowdry (and Brittany for the head massage!). I asked Alex if it was satisfying to cut off so much, and he replied it gave him more satisfaction to cut such a classic style, knowing exactly which angles to snip, and what suited his client.

Bobbed, mid-way :: Americana // DC // No flashAll the staff there were very excited at a client chopping off such a length of hair in one fell swoop, so I had an audience for a while, which was quite amusing. Alex asked if I would like to keep my hair; I thought about it – perhaps it would make an funny photograph – but decided that there was no sense in holding onto the past. “Bin it,” I said firmly.

I can’t recommend Lady Marmalade enough for such a warm atmosphere and fabulous service (coffee, wine, cheese and biscuits!). Need a cut? Go there!

Excuse me now while I go practise the Charleston.

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Bobbed, all the way baby! :: Americana // DC // No flash


Enough to Tickle You Pink

(Detail) The sweetest little powder puff by Butler & Wilson, only £12.50 … in 1974.

Between the 70s theme of my last post, and reading in the latest issue of Australian Vogue that the 70s are back in fashion (again), I decided to go to the source: a modest pile of original Vogues of that glamorous decade that I have in my possession.

In 1974, British Vogue published two issues in September; I have the issue dated the 15th. There weren’t any ‘glamazonian’ fashion editorials, but these two beauty images shot by Norman Parkinson caught my fancy. I love their ethereal look, the pale styling, the classic 70s hairstyle on the blonde – centre parted and straight on top, curly on the bottom. And how about that bare breast, eh? Risqué, softly seductive, yet sweetly innocent.

Click on image for larger version.

Butler & Wilson’s ‘ladylike powder puff’ with its porcelain head is adorable, a gorgeous piece to take pride of place on one’s dressing table. At £12.50 I’d totally snap that up. Let me do some quick calculations – or rather, punch in some figures on an online calculator … The equivalent today is £91.08, or in Australian dollars, $138.57! Woah!

That’s enough to make me blush. 

Photos: Norman Parkinson, British Vogue, September 15th, 1974