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What I Actually Wore #0134

Serial #: 0134
Date: 29/07/2013
Weather: 19.5°C / 67°F
Time Allowed: 10 minutes

It’s funny to open up the archives and see this outfit, because very recently this dress came back into my life! I had given it to a friend of mine two or three years ago. She had worn it a few times that I had seen, but finally decided that it swamped her a bit (she’s shorter than I am).

She asked if I’d like it back, so I agreed to have another look at it. However, I’m just not sure that it fits in with my style anymore – the best explanation I can come up with is that it’s too girly for me. I’m not sure if it’s merely the velvet bow belt (easy enough to remove), the sweetheart neckline, the tulip shape, or all three at once.

Here though I have worn it with a wool knit (that I still wear with much affection, though it is darned in several places), and a few other accessories that I all still own.

I have always liked pink paired with brown – it livens up what I have always thought of as a rather dull shade. Ironically, I do much prefer chocolate coloured tights – as I am wearing here – to common black (I always think of liquorice legs when I don black tights on the rare occasion).

The 70s inspired patent wedges I still like too, although I rarely wear them these days, but I feel that I must hold onto them for the sake of some female descendent of mine who will adore them in twenty or thirty years.

I am not sure which era this fur-trimmed, black velvet cap comes from. When I pull it right down, it looks very much like a 20s cloche cap, and there are no labels inside to give a clue to its age; it’s definitely vintage though. The hoop earrings are another vintage relic from eras unknown, but I will never part with those.

All in all, I still like this outfit, but I don’t know that I could wear it now. The dress is hanging in my closet, but when I reach for something to wear in the morning, my hand always hesitates over it.


Dress: Cue
Kenneth Cole

Photos: September 2013

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