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What I Actually Wore #130

Serial #: 0130
Date: 02/07/2013
Weather: 19°C / 66°F
Time Allowed: 10 minutes

This is an outfit that was dictated by the cool weather. Once I picked out the navy and white houndstooth skirt, it was easy to build on it with warm layers. It used to be once upon a time that pink and red were considered a ghastly combination, and I’m not quite sure why, since they sit beside one another on the colour wheel and therefore meld quite harmoniously. Both colours look great with navy too.

Some of the items I am wearing were bought second hand in op shops: the coral pink merino wool and silk knit (the front panel is silk) has no label, but I suspect it may be Kookaï; the vintage houndstooth pleated skirt; the red wool beret, and the vintage 60s handbag. The patent wedges are by Australian label Nude, and I purchased them on the online sale site, Ozsale. All the items are still in my wardrobe, miraculously, except for the white and pink striped cotton tee I am wearing under the knit – that wore out.

The other interesting piece is my necklace, which is made up of a number of different charms that I have collected on my travels: an antique Moroccan coin, an 1890s cash register key, a crown and a high-heeled shoe. I have since added some cherries, a pair of boxing gloves, a dove and an antique-style key. I last wore it yesterday. I don’t like charm bracelets, but I would like to make a pair of charm earrings to wear with the necklace – each with two or three different dangles. I do enjoy a-little-bit-wrong things as well as odd things, in both senses of the word: eccentric, and uneven.


Knit: second hand
David Jones
Kenneth Cole
vintage 60s

Photos: July 2013

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