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A Little Lunchtime Miracle

A couple months ago I was attending an Opening Night during the week, and as I usually do on these occasions, I wore something a little special to work: a favourite red sequinned vintage 60s top. (Of course, I could have carried it and worn more conventional daywear in the office, but I can get away with this kind of outrageousness working at a theatre.) By mid-morning however, I realised I had forgotten to bring an evening bag with me, and I certainly did not want to spend the night carrying my unmatching giant tote bag around.

I decided to make a quick trip to the local thrift store at lunchtime in search of a evening bag. I didn’t have high expectations – I just wanted something respectable and inexpensive, as I already own so many evening bags I didn’t care to spend a lot so unnecessarily. I intended to donate it right back, or give it away to some lucky recipient. My work colleagues, hearing about this hopeful mission, scoffed humorously and wished me luck.

I decided to make a quick trip to the local thrift store at lunchtime in search of a evening bag.

In due course I ventured off on the trail of this unholy grail, and upon a thorough search of a Sacred Heart Opportunity Shop, by divine miracle I came upon a quite inoffensive pleated-look black satin clutch bag. And amazingly the ticket price stated a mere $6 – what luck! (Or it could even have been $4; I can’t quite recall.)

But that was not all: not only was it a completely innocuous clutch bag, there was a convenient cord strap curled up inside. I don’t actually like little bags on very long straps, so I carried it as a clutch that evening. I was extremely glad to cloak my heavy tote, and my colleagues were all very impressed with my thrifting prowess. Truly, a last-minute lunchtime miracle – saved by the bell, as it were. Now … whom can I fob it off on?

Photos: July 2016

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