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Pompoms A Clear Winner

Stakes Day (yesterday) at Melbourne’s Spring Racing Carnival is traditionally a family day and a more relaxed affair. An Australian fashion magazine in a recent issue (that I have annoyingly misplaced) published a guide for dressing for the four days of the carnival, and suggested a neutral colour palette for Stakes Day.

I suspect most female attendees of the carnival were not paying particular attention to any themes except the obvious black and white for Derby Day, but I thought they were quite good for distinguishing outfits for each day. (Additionally, Cup Day was bold colour, and Oaks Day pretty, feminine details.)

This hat I’m wearing is by Australian label Mimco from a few seasons ago. It has a straw base on a headband, and three raffia pompoms attached; the one you can’t see at the back is lilac coloured. I remember seeing it in-store and falling in love with it – I find pompoms irresistible!

I was thrilled to come across the hat on eBay, purloining it for a mere $30

However, as an owner of copious hats already, the very expensive price tag made me pass on purchasing it. I couldn’t even plead the excuse of attending the races and needing a new, up-to-the-minute hat. Then a couple of years later I was thrilled to come across the hat on eBay, purloining it for a mere $30. It didn’t even look as if it had been worn. (I have <cough-cough> not worn it yet either, as it is an extravagant hat for everyday occasions, but one day…)

Naturally (neutrally?) the raffia begged to be paired with a fun, raffia-like fringed top I bought a little while ago in a thrift store. It’s a light-hearted touch for a family day.

Photo: October 2016

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