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What I Actually Wore #0060

Serial #: 0060
Date: 25/12/2011
Weather: forecast 29°
Time Allowed: 10 minutes

So often I build my outfits around my shoes. Sometimes the weather, but mostly the shoes or the hat. Christmas last year was no exception. I bought the red glittery Mary-Janes especially for the day. Of course I loved them anyway: red, glitter, 20s style, Wizard of Oz – need I say more?

So it was an easy decision to wear a white dress to truly offset the red shoes. I love the contrast of red and white together – such a joyous combination, probably because it makes me think of holidays and sunshine, and beaches. The dress is something I’ve had in storage for a while. I’d been thinking of selling it, but I decided to give it another go. It’s a kind of broderie anglaise or cutwork type of fabric, for there are tiny holes cut out in a grid-like pattern all over.

On the day, I proudly pulled out the red heels, only to find out the girl in the store had bagged the wrong pair! She had sold me a size too small! Naughtily I wore them anyway, for I wasn’t about to let her be the Grinch to spoil my Christmas. On Boxing Day I made sure the soles weren’t scratched or dirty and took them back to the store for a swap. The shoes weren’t a cheap purchase, but I have worn them countless times, and every single time I wear them, without fail, someone exclaims in delight at the sight of them. It’s always nice to bring a little bit of fashion happiness into other people’s lives too.


Dress: Jigsaw
silver baubles, eBay
Earrings: silver baubles, handmade
Ring: pearl ring, Autore
Watch: Kenneth Cole
Shoes: Zoe Wittner

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