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How to Deal With Cat-astrophes

I have a cat. Sometimes, against my better judgement (because she is gazing adoringly up at me with her big green eyes and looking so cute), I pick her up even though I am wearing some garment that would be utterly ruined if she got her claws into it. In these cases I usually try to hold onto her paws under guise of caressing them. On the odd occasion a sudden frenzy overtakes her (you know how cats get those) and she must be up and doing IMMEDIATELY. That’s when accidents happen.

This could be an unmitigated Catastrophe (depending upon one’s degree of love for said garment) or merely a minor vexation (if garment weave is loose enough to repair). Here’s how to deal with it:

  1. Find thread-picker. Spread garment flat.
  2. Carefully draw pulled thread through to reverse side of garment.
  3. Flip garment back and admire handiwork.
  4. Tell cat off. Resolve never to pick animal up again unless one is wearing plasterer’s overalls or similar.

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