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Chasing Down the Perfect Card

The affenpinscher card from the Rifle Paper CoIt was my sister’s birthday recently. I have this unfortunate reputation with my family of always giving gorgeous greeting cards, which creates a bit of pressure if I’m in a hurry.

For Star’s birthday card I went to a usually reliable giftware and stationer’s, but was daunted when I just could not hit upon anything I really loved. Aggravatingly, they had plenty of gorgeous Christmas cards. And then I spotted it (no pun intended) in the bottom row. An array of illustrated dogs from the Rifle Paper Co, and one that looked very like my sister’s moodle dogs.

Rifle Paper Co is based in FloridaThe Rifle Paper Co was founded by Anna and Nathan Bond, with Anna as illustrator and designer, and her husband acting as business manager. Anna’s whimsical and nostalgic style incorporates hand-painted illustrations and lettering. They pride themselves on high quality stock and printing methods, and believe that ‘life’s personal stories and moments are best told through the gift of a hand-written note or card’.

“It’s Pepito!” Star exclaimed in delight when she opened her envelope. “No it’s not,” her husband pointed out. “He would never wear pink polka dots, let alone a bow*. It’s Madeleine.”

Success! My reputation has not been sullied.

*Except when he was tortured in his youth by one of their daughters.
Images from the Rifle Paper Co


Paper Rabbit

How quaint is this rabbit mask birthday card? I pounced on it (or should I say hopped?) a few weeks ago browsing in Bendigo’s Bob Boutique, a very pretty shop full of goods that made my friends and I exclaim in delight. I had to choose between bunny, fox and deer masks, but I discovered there are many more options online. They are available from TMOD, purveyors of quaint stationery goods, including cute scratchie cards like the one I received a little while ago. Hop to it!


A Sweet Thank You

Thank You :: Ben Watts // Blanko Noir // No flashIt was Cupcake’s last day on Monday. How sweet is this little thank you scratchie postcard she gave me? As a child I adored scratching the silver stuff off anything I could get my hands on. (That ‘silver stuff’, by the way, is usually made from latex.)

These cards by TMOD are cute and interactive – what’s not to love? As they say on their website, the scratchie cards ‘blend vintage motifs with the charm of secret messages and magic tricks.’ Each card also comes with a scalloped heart charm, which undoubtedly will go straight to every little girl’s heart and into her trinket box. Check ’em out.


A Tribute to Malory Towers

I love how awkward Darrell looks here, walking smash into Mam’zelleIn winter 2002, the Australian label Gorman printed a series of promotional cards that were inspired by Enid Blyton’s book series set in the English boarding school Malory Towers.

I came across them in the store Fat, and grabbed them up in gleeful joy, laughing so much over Darrell’s awkwardness as she smashes into Mam’zelle, and Mary-Lou’s deliciously hideous black eyes.

Mary-Lou looks fabulously sulky and surly with her hood drawn upIf you are familiar with Blyton’s series, you will know that most of these girls were good little girls who suffered through the usual trials and tribulations of teenage angst. They either learned their lessons well, and went on to become sensible, dependable young women that England could rely on, or they came to a bad end. This disagreeable and uncertain future was usually reserved for those whiny fat girls who didn’t like sports, or the ones obsessed with becoming an actress and wore far too much makeup.

What I love about the Gorman cards is that they totally subvert Blyton’s bright-eyed and bushy-tailed storytelling (don’t get me wrong, I adored the books when I was 13), and these girls look altogether cooler and smarter than the original models. 

Innocent mischief – if memory serves me, these pellets made one of their teaches sneeze endlesslyWhat is that nogoodnik Mary-Lou up to here?Gorman’s Winter 2002 campaign


Daily Doings

Today is the day! Off I go, hooray! Off to Spain, Portugal and Morocco. My accountant suggested I keep a travel diary of all my creative doings, and my receipts of course, so that I can make a tax claim next year.

So earlier this week I had a little shop in Handworks, and browsed through the myriad of diary options. I finally found this cute little travel diary by O-Check Design Graphics. I was very pleased to see it was also made from recycled paper and printed with soy inks. It’s full of a variety of papers, mostly off-white, but some coloured sheets, some with ruled lines, some with checks. Some of the pages are printed with quaint travel graphics, such as stamps, vintage postcards, stripey airmail envelopes.

One of the stamps is actually marked Lisbon, Portugal. As soon as I flipped to that page and saw that, I knew this diary was the one for me. It also has handy pockets interspersed throughout the book, so I can fill them with all the receipts and museum stubs I collect. I even bought a little roll of polka-dotted masking tape, so I can stick in all the ephemera of my trip.

This will be a scribble-type of journal; I also bought a cute little book with ruled red lines in which I can write up and sign my official record of daily activities. Adiós!

Although I will be overseas for a month, keep checking back at the Sketchbook, because the posts will keep on coming.