Buds and Blooms

Myer Melbourne is currently running a competition to design a new shopping bag for the opening of their new flagship store next March. It’s a great opportunity for budding (and fully bloomed) designers to get their work out into the larger world.

Speaking of blooms, here’s my design: a striking pattern in black and white of giant chrysanthemums. The reverse side of the bag has a smaller coloured version of the pattern, in a non-gender specific blue-grey.

My hope was to create a bag that was a little decorative but stylish; that would not be repulsive to carry around the city; you know the ones that you have to hide between your other bags? Not one of those. I also preferred the notion of a repeat pattern rather than a placement print; it seems a little more appropriate for a corporate retail giant like Myer.

Check out the other offerings in their online gallery


Bazaar celebrates 12 Days of Christmas

So, finally I get to see how my illustrations look on the pages of Harper’s Bazaar Singapore – how exciting! I don’t have a hardcopy yet, so lucky for me there’s a Facebook album.

Click on image for larger versionNot having put together the design layout myself, it’s great to see how the illustrations work with the products. It’s not entirely how I expected: for one, I supplied an alternative version for Little Red Riding Hood, with a more fairytale-like background. I also slaved over 12 separate hand-written headings for each page – and they haven’t been used at all!

But that is the way in magazine-land: some things just end up slashed through with red pen. 


A New Sketchbook!

Welcome to SNAP Studio’s Sketchbook! Very different to the fashion journal, the sketchbook is all about what’s going on in the daily life of So Not A Princess.

As you might have gathered by now, I earn my crust by working as a graphic designer and illustrator. I manage to have a little fun on the side with Princess Tatiana, my alter ego.

On the pages of this sketchbook you’ll find inspirations and ideas; art, craft, and design; and details on all the new art books towering high on my coffee table. I hope you’ll enjoy ‘flipping the pages’ and maybe be inspired too. 

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