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The Last of Summer

Nostalgia, Day 10, March 2019I had a lot of fun producing my third set of the 30 Day Photo Challenge. The vivid colour and what I call the ‘glowy’ effect of my chosen combination of Hipstamatic equipment were very inspiring. I hit on the combination by chance, using the random button on my self-portrait photos of the first day.

It was a beautiful late afternoon, and I took the shots on a bridge where I was bathed in the light of the setting sun. The Leonard lens creates a complex layered texture that looks like a shimmering bubble, and also adds the occasional flare to which the Standard flash adds even more brightness; they are offset by the weathered Sussex film, a great textured base with burnt edges. It felt like the right blend to celebrate the last of summer.

Self Portrait, Day 1, March 2019The funfair clown is one of my favourite images, and evokes the Nostalgia theme perfectly, reminding me of attending summer carnivals in my childhood, where the air itself was charged with excitement, and all the crowds, colours, lights and noise thrilled me. Carnivals were places full of possibility and adventure. I still love attending them to this day, and enjoyed my perambulations through the Moomba carnival, just taking photos – it was hard to choose between the ferris wheels, dodgem cars and other rides, but as I came to the laughing clowns, I knew they were It.

Click here to view the whole gallery.

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