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Thirty Days

January, Day 28: LiquidLate last year when I was thinking about New Year’s resolutions, I decided I needed a new creative challenge. For two years in a row I had been fulfilling my 2017 resolution of a poem a day, but it was time for something different, although of course I would keep writing regardless.

I take photos every day, if nothing else for my on-going Lost Things project, but I hit upon the idea of a ’30 Day Photo Challenge’. I had come across the concept here and there in the past, and a little research on the Google brought up various options on Pinterest. I quickly decided I didn’t like any of them in their entirety, and wrote my own subjects, trying to keep them fairly broad and open to interpretation.

January, Day 10: NostalgiaAdditionally, I decided to complete each month using the same equipment in Hipstamatic in its entirety – that would make approximately twelve, visually cohesive sets. (Because I am rolling over each thirty days immediately rather than waiting for the first of the month, I will finish up the twelve sets a bit before the end of December.)

February, Day 6: Morning In January I used Hipstamatic’s moody, vintage-style Tintype ‘pak’ with desaturated tones and short depth-of-field; and in February I chose a green-tinged combination which evokes for me blissfully lazy, sun-dappled summer days. I didn’t use any flashes in the January set, but the February set is a mixture of no flash, and various coloured flashes in the Hipstamatic app’s arsenal.

Here are a few samples, and to view the full sets, go to my new 30 Days Photo Challenge gallery page. These will be updated each month, so do come back to take a peek at my 2019 visual diary again.

February, Day 25: Upside Down

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