Read What You Look At – A Group Exhibition
Brunswick Street Gallery, 27 Nov–10 Dec, 2015

Always Inside Your Dreams; Collage, found paper; 240mm (w) x 350mm (h)


Layering Dreams
Helena Turinski

From a very young age, Helena Turinski was captivated with telling stories through both words and pictures, often drawing and writing on found paper. At art college after studying the Dadaists, Turinski became interested in writing poetry by reassembling random words. Recycling her magazine collection, she created a pool from which she could pull words to compile into ‘random poems’.

Always interested in dreams, and the surrealism intertwined with hidden meanings, this method of writing poetry appealed to Turinski. “Naturally, I’ve chosen words that I liked when I first cut them out, but sometimes I deliberately choose ones that I don’t.” This strange combination contributes to the elusive mood of Layering Dreams, often with unexpected results.

“Sometimes a poem just starts with two or three words, and I slowly build on those,” she says. Her poems are engaging and easy to read not only because of their brevity, but because of how they look. The fonts and colours culled from so many different sources interact with one another visually encouraging the viewer to also ‘look at what they read’.

Returning to her roots of acquiring used paper, Turinski has sourced antique papers, from the late nineteenth century to the 1950s, to use as supports for her poetry collages. As well as traditional (hard copy) collages using only words, Turinski also creates digital works, combining scanned words and images cut from magazines with digital ink.

These many layers of ephemera, words, and pictures combine to evoke the otherworldly nature of dreams.

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