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So Not a Princess is run single-handedly by one woman. She’s a one-man band (boom!), wears many hats at once, and likes to have a finger in every pie. Did we (that’s a royal ‘we’) mention she loves a play on words, has a sneaking liking for a little cliché here or there, and even the odd pun now and then?

On this side of So Not a Princess, Tatiana hangs up her tiara and Helena dons a humble hat or six. … But why not a princess? Once upon a time a male friend was fond of calling her ‘princess’, to which she vehemently objected – hence, so not a princess. She does love clothes, but she’s not precious about them. Art and design are another matter entirely: in that arena, ‘near enough’ is not nearly good enough.

With over twenty years’ experience in the design industry – including publishing and performing arts – Helena now divides her time between part time employment as a graphic designer at a renowned theatre company, working with her own commercial clients, writing two blogs, and keeping up her fine arts practice when time allows (life and housework sometimes get in the way).

She works from her Melbourne-based home studio with the occasional help and hindrance from an extroverted ginger cat named Mimi, but very much enjoys the daily contact with other humans at her part time job.

Helena is a versatile designer, and when opportunity has allowed, has liked to incorporate her own illustration – and even sometimes photography – into her work over the years. Take a tour through her portfolio to see some of the projects she has worked on during her career. If you would like to know more or make contact, please email by clicking here.

we hope you enjoy your visit to So Not a Princess.