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A Passion for Fashion

When I first started this fashion blog, I was encouraged by a work colleague who often asked me for sartorial advice, anything from how to wear a scarf in different ways, to proper laundering methods for delicates. “You should start a blog, and share this stuff!” she exclaimed to me. Eventually I did. Later on, another friend told me my stories were like a little bit of candy: not too sweet, but just enough – which is also a great compliment.

I started writing about my journey through style because I have a passion for fashion. That love is about more than simply following trends, or looking stylish: I love clothing itself, the textiles – textures, prints and colours – the history and psychology of why we wear what we do; how we as a society express ourselves through what we choose to wear. Fashion is not a frivolous subject; it is a mirror of culture.

I am a graphic designer by profession, and I also have my own fine arts practice – I share some of the things I find inspiring or interesting on the Scrapbook journal – but for many people, one of the few creative outlets they might have is choosing their wardrobe, for it is not an optional extra, like Instagram or the current craze for colouring books.

Clothing is practical, and we all need it, but fashion is much more: it is beauty, it is joy, it is armour, and yes, it can also be frivolous. Therein lies the fun. In difficult times, fashion is an escape, a release from everyday pressures; sometimes it is a rainbow, a promise that no matter how dreary some days might be, there is something little that can make you smile, bolster your confidence, and lift your heart. This is no small thing.

Clothing is practical, and we all need it, but fashion is much more: it is beauty, it is joy, it is armour, and yes, it can also be frivolous.

Also very important to me is the notion of sustainable fashion. Our poor earth is groaning under the weight of unwanted and poorly made fast fashion that is not only destroying our environment, but the lives of exploited workers across the globe. One way I can help is to simply stop consuming them, and since my clothing budget is not large, I buy nearly all my clothes second hand (except for underwear, unless it’s vintage deadstock) and give old clothes a new life. There is also the thrill of unearthing some long-hidden treasure, and if it’s a bargain as well that is a bonus, for I am not a princess about fashion – or anything really. That is how I eventually landed on the name for my style journal.

So sometimes I write long stories on the history of particular kinds of garments; sometimes I write short ones about little trifles I’ve come across in a thrift store; and other times my stories are quite personal and idiosyncratic. Frivolous, practical or informative, I hope to simply share my appreciation for all things made from fabric, feathers, hopes and dreams.

I hope you enjoy the journey too.


(Above) Vintage 1940s tiara; vintage 1980s silk blouse and lamé rah-rah skirt; 2010s leather obi belt and silver patent Christian Louboutin stilettos; pineapple quartz, yellow chalcedony and sterling silver earrings made by Tatiana